Atomic Buffalo Turds

15 May

Quick and easy, these little guys are the perfect starter to any Summer BBQ meal.  f you want these things mild its very easy but be warned it’s just as easy to make them Atomic!

What you’ll need

  • Large stuffing jalapeno peppers
  • Bacon slices, thin, cut in half
  • Mini sausages or “lil smokies”
  • Cream Cheese (Full fat for full flavor, right?)

To get started on this super easy treat you need to first take your jalapeno and slice them lengthwise.  Your going to be stuffing the insides with cream cheese and sausage so make sure you’re even with the cuts.    Now this is where you can decide if you want a milder turd or a full atomic turd.  You can adjust the spicy level by simply leaving more of the insides intact, the more you scrape the milder they become.

Turds (2)

Now your ready to stuff.  Once fully prepped take your cream cheese and spread it on the inside of your jalapeno slices.  Don’t use too much because your going to take a mini sausage and cram it in as well

Turds (4)

Now take the bacon and make sure that each slice is cut in half.   Take the bacon slice and wrap it all the way around the turd and secure it with a toothpick.  Make sure your only wrapping around once, if you find yourself going over the turd twice you want to cut down the bacon.

Turds (5)

At this point your ready to grill.  Take your big green egg and set it up for indirect with the plate setter legs down.   If you try running this without the plate setter you’ll most likely end up flaring these babies up and end up with burnt turds.  Get the dome temp to around 350 and toss the turds on for about 30 minutes.  Check them and pull them when the bacon is crisp.

Turds (7)

Pull and enjoy!  A simple snack that can be combined with any BBQ or meal.

Turds (1)


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