Bacon Bomb Explosion


Love bacon?  Love pork?  Cheese?  How about explosions?  This maybe the perfect combination of all of those things (leave explosions, hopefully), tied up in a neat little package.  It’s called the Bacon Bomb Explosion and I’ll go over just what you need to get this baby setup and smoking on your Big Green Egg.

You’ll Need

First what you want to do is take your ground pork and spread it flat and make it about an inch thick.  You then want to lay out your green peppers, onions and cheese right on top.   You can also add cooked meats (don’t add raw bacon in the center), jalapenos or anything really in the center, your imagination is the limit.   Once your done roll this bomb up and put it aside for now.   Avoid making holes in your bomb, if you have some thin spots don’t worry… We have a fix for that coming up.

Now take your bacon and create a bacon weave.   Make sure to take your time, this weave will be the only thing stopping your inner pork goodness from exploding on your grill prematurely.  This weave will also be your solution if your bomb has any thin spots.  If you don’t know how to make a bacon weave follow the you tube instruction below:

Now roll up your ground pork and place it on the center of your bacon weave.  Your going to want to make sure you pepper the outsides of both the wrap and the bacon weave liberally with any BBQ spices you may have, it’s your choice.

Time to get the big green egg up and running setup for smoking.  Your going to need your plate setter legs up and a nice big drip pan to catch all the goodness that drops from this beast.  The temp you want the egg at should be right around 300  -330f.  If you want you can also prepare some wood chips to toss in right when you place this thing on the grill.  You’re going to want to cook this until the internal temp reaches about 160f.   While this is cooking  take your BBQ sauce and coat your bomb every 30 to 40 minutes.  This sauce when combined with the bacon is going to create a fantastic bark.   Once the internal temp is reached, pull your bomb get ready to feast!  Depending on your style you can eat this sliced just like meatloaf or if your really into explosions toss it in a sandwich with a fried egg and french fries!